WATER under control – simple solution

A burst hose of the dishwasher or washing machine, a dripping safety valve, damaged internal water piping or a water leaking toilet. These are examples of the most common water leakages. In these cases, the money for water bills will literally flow through your fingers. And not speaking of other damage to property or troubles with flooded neighbours' apartment.

This service incessantly evaluates the water consumption in your company (or in your buildings) and will notify you of any unusual consumption levels.

Thanks to WATER under control service, you will have the right information and will avoid unpleasant surprises in form of damage caused by water leakage (e.g. latent failures, piping defects, failures, etc.). This means that you will be able to uncover unusual consumption levels and minimize your losses as a result.

There is no need to purchase any equipment, just have a water meter with pulse output ready to get the service to work.

Non-binding demand
  • No unexpected water underpayments
  • Continuous monitoring of consumption
  • Individual settings
  • Information on any breakdowns
  • No need to buy any equipment

How does it work?

WATER under control provides information on daily consumption and offers to send alarm messages by email. The communication unit installed on the pulse output of the water meter collects consumption data, constantly evaluating whether the limits set up by the user for alarm reporting have been exceeded.

Numerous other data are processed as well, including minimum and maximum consumption. These data can be viewed on the web portal WATER under control. On this portal, three different types of alarms can be set up, made-to-measure to your consumption site.

Where the set limits are exceeded, alarm is announced at once. You will receive a notification on the email address you have provided. No other equipment is purchased together with VODA pod kontrolou® service. You will pay only a one-time installation fee and the monthly service tariff. You will have your water consumption under control!

Non-binding demand

Water consumption under constant control

No more unpleasant surprises in form of high underpayments for water charges! We will alert you of abnormally high water consumption by email.

Graphs, acute data, history of water consumption

With WATER under control service, you will have a detailed overview of your water consumption. Both current data and previous periods summary will be at your disposal. You yourself will decide how much information you need and then choose one of the tariffs on offer.

WATER under contol

No intricate technical solutions are necessary for getting water under control. No investments are needed, apart from service fees. And information related to water consumption and other data can be easily viewed on your mobile phone or tablet.

Possibility to set maximum and minus flow volume

Do you own a family house or operate a large production complex? We will customize our service precisely according to your needs. First, you set up the range from the maximum to the minimum water volume flux. As soon as your water consumption deviates from the parameters indicated by you, we will let you know.

WATER under control will detect any breakdown in due time

Remote readings of water meters

  • data transmission by wireless technology
  • suitable for all types of water meters with pulse outputs

Alert of unusual activities

  • individual setting of the alarm for the minimum flow, the maximum flow and the volume flown
  • automatic message sending

Well-arranged display of data

  • Regular information on water consumption
  • Instant alerts of unusual situations

References of our clients

"Did you know that water-related damage constitutes the most common loss events?"

Ing. Petr Juch, Client Care Department, RENOMIA, a. s.

References of our clients

"30 cubic metres of water leaked through a burst garden hose. With WATER under control service, this will not happen again."


References of our clients

"Thanks to WATER under Control service, we never lose a track of our water consumption."

Karel Kohout, Head of Building Administration, ROHDE & SCHWARZ závod Vimperk s.r.o.

Frequently asked questions

The first step is to complete the inquiry form and we will prepare an offer for you. Based on your approval, we will draw up an Amendment to the Contract of Water Supply or a Contract of Provision of Services (if your consumption site is administered by an operator different from ČEVAK a.s.). Subsequently, we will agree on a date of installation.

The only thing you have to do is to make sure that the water meter is accessible. The communication unit is fully self-contained and needs no electricity supply.

The alarm message will be sent to the email provided by you. The message can be sent to as many as five email addresses.

The service is available across the whole EU under the same terms and conditions. Only the amount of installation fee is different.

The service offers three user-settable alarms in total which can be activated separately. These include the alarm of the maximum rate of flow; alarm of the minimum rate and alarm of the volume flown.

For the alarms to function correctly, their parameters must be set up individually. We recommend taking into consideration the data provided in the charts Daily consumption and Minimum and maximum flows. For the description of alarms and the alarm setting procedure go to the portal VODA pod kontrolou, section Help for the individual types of alarms.